Reviews of ‘Going Out In Style’

From HarperCollins
Going Out in Style’ is a literary fiction novel set in 2013. It describes the diminishing life of Boris Schecter, a chronically ill man who lives alone in a lavish condo built by his late-partner, Art. Determined to ‘go out in style’, Boris sets his sights on boarding the Luminous Liminality, a luxury cruise for the terminally ill. The novel is saturated by images of death … Yet, despite this, ‘Going Out In Style’ remains a witty, charming, and even occasionally fun novel. Deeply moving, yet delightful at the same time, it was, all in all, a pleasure to read.

The concept behind the novel is interesting. …the author executes the story very well. Before being allowed on the cruise, Boris must acquire from his doctor his expiry date – a task that proves more difficult than he’d expected. As he embarks on this charge, the reader is gradually offered a portrait of Boris’s fascinating past, whilst they simultaneously come to realise that there may be more to the Luminous Liminality than luxury dining and exotic day trips. We meet Ms Gauge, the only passenger to ever return…Her experiences have made her mute and reclusive, and the story she eventually tells hints that either she is mad or there is something strange about the cruiser, something uncanny.

Beyond the storyline, much of what charms in this narrative is the author’s attention to detail; small moments, which have no bearing on the plot, build a rich tapestry of characters: Boris propping up his chair with a stir stick from his doctor’s desk; the comment that on certain days his brother Benn still wears the sweater of his dead wife; the descriptions of Ms Gauge’s flourishing hands. Moreover, the details are tied together by some great lines…

The author clearly has a talent for language.
Rachel Faulkner, Editor, HarperCollins Publishers

” Your detail is rich, quirky, allusive, dense, and fascinating. This is almost genius -”
Wayde Compton, Writer in Residence, Vancouver Public Library

Going out in Style is a comedic satire and a commentary on what baby boomers have in store for them. Following Boris as he trundles his withering flesh around with the panache of a seasoned traveler is in itself a joy to imagine.”
Kenneth Edward Lim, author of The North Korean

“Full of atmosphere, it hurtles and rattles along at a crazy pace. Totally original. You have an international style, a good sense of the absurd and I love backing up your work. It reminded me somehow, can’t explain why, of Saul Bellow’s Ravelstein.”
Adina Pelle, author, Ghost Words and Other Echoes and Frailty

“I love the creative-mysterious style in the opening (which is also tinted with great humor). I felt the rush of curiosity as our tongue-in-cheek but intelligent narrator gave us bits and pieces and lured us into the story. The author is able to take readers into the quirky mind of Boris, and once there, it’s too much fun to leave. This is a rare and outrageous story. I’d buy it, and recommend it in a heartbeat.”
Elizabeth Lindberg, author, Out of Sync and Dionysus

“Impeccable. It’s not death, it’s Life that’s going on here, right in front of our eyes, and zinging right though us. What took me so long to get here?”
David Oglivie Grant, author, Pompey Chimes, scriptwriter for BBC and playwright and poet

“There are but few things a person will only do once. Actually, only one thing that is absolute. Death. This story literally transformed me into a mindset as I read. Comedic? Sure, but as a baby boomer, I like others give thought to many of the things touched on by this writer in this unique story. Makes one think. That in itself, should be the very first objective in this style of creative writing… Imagination drives this narrative superbly. All of the little things an elderly boomer would be thinking are said here. Things I would never think of until reading. Just freaking fabulous!

Easy to see how over 300 people have backed this one. I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see 3 million buy it.”
EM Delaney, author, The Write In

“Whatever drugs you are on, keep taking them. This is great stuff. Full of atmosphere, it hurtles and rattles along at a crazy pace. Totally original.”
Barb Drummond, author, The Big World of Mr. Bridges’ Microcosm

“It is a rare gift to be able to write fiction that feels so real.”
Laith Doory, author, The Watchers and A Picture of Eva Braun


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