PLAY Caption Contest @ midnight

What’s in it for YOU?

Contribute a winning caption Instagram: and you’ll win bragging rights. Judges will select first, second, third captions for each photo. You and your friends decide who wins. April 1 – July 8

If the photo gains some attention, the winning caption with your credit and the photo will be published in the novel, Disappearance of Darkness. Enter as many times as you want.




Here’s Where YOU Come In.

1. Capture the public’s imagination with your caption and/or comments on Instagram:

Each two weeks a photo by a local woman photographer will be published for a week. You come up with the caption/comment.

2. Our judges will recommend the top three – and viewers will vote first, second, and third at the beginning of the next week. If you win, your caption will be published in the novel.


Hints for Writing Caption

  • Think thought bubble, bumper sticker or title
  • Use present tense to describe action in a photo
  • Give viewers information they cannot get from just looking at a photo
  • A caption should complete the photo
  • Thanks for positive comments only


Lemme just do my imitation of a snail.”

Okay maybe you can think of something better!

2. Whether or not you come up with a caption, YOU CAN VOTE  on your favourite caption. 


When to PLAY

CAPTION the first photo April 1-8

VOTE for your favourite caption April 11-April 15

CAPTION the second photo April 15- April 22

VOTE for your favourite caption April 11-April 15

and so it goes every two weeks until July 8th, 2016

Stay tuned: play often vote ofter. HAVE FUN with this.

Disappearance of Darkness (80,000 words) is a novel about Raney Levinson, a woman photographer who sacrifices her family to live as an artist in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, Canada’s poorest postal code.

The novel cries out to be published with photos of the Downtown Eastside. The contest is modelled after the New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest.

Let’s see what YOU can come up with.

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