Patricia L. Morris

For me, a day without writing is a day lost.

Writing contains it all. Words are messages on containers.  If I had paid more attention, I would have noticed that I wanted to write. I dated authors, fantasized stripping to big words, and read every night. If you have similar responses to text, you might want to join this community to play with words.

I’m a ‘wannabe’. I began this writing journey in 2003 while I was working for VSO in Papua New Guinea. These days I live, breathe, and sleep writing whether it belongs to me, someone in the critique group, or a published author. 






  1. Stacey, June 5, 2016:

    It was lovely to meet you today at the heritage tour! Thank you for letting me know where I can find the Vancouver Vanishes book, and I will look for your work as well!

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